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((So, I'm sure most everyone has heard already, but if not, it's been announced and confirmed that hyori is getting married. While I'm thrilled for her and wish her loads of happiness, I'm not quite sure what to do IC-wise. Given that she's a non-au muse so far I know I have been using what wiggle room that I had as far as ignoring her relationship or playing it down, but it's kindve hard to ignore a marriage. On the other hand, I feel like it would be a bit difficult to play her with such an important part of her life missing, and I really doubt anyone has an interest in playing SangSoon. I'm writing this to ask for any ideas, feedback, or anything like that. I know some people are particular about keeping things completely non-au, and if I do start to take a more au turn with her I don't want to be a bother to anyone. I have no idea what I'm going to do yet, so any advice or suggestions would be welcome. If you don't want to comment here feel free to leave a message in my inbox, or even send me an IM. Thank you!))



(you were one of the main ones I thought of when I asked for advice :-P And I know in the end it's up to me, but at the same time I feel like I should be reasonably respectful to those she's close to as well, you know? I'm excited for her, and I think it'd be an interesting thing to play out... but at the same time like I said before, without another half to play with/feed off of/etc, I feel like I wouldn't do it justice without just making everything up on my own, which seems like it'd be a bit overwhelming. There's even a part of me that wonders if the real is pregnant, given that she took an unexpected three weeks off in the middle of promotions and now this is all so sudden, and given how she was muse-wise a baby would be wonderful but... bleh. I'm not making any decisions right away though so. But feel free to message any time :-P If all else fails they can still chat!)