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((So, I'm sure most everyone has heard already, but if not, it's been announced and confirmed that hyori is getting married. While I'm thrilled for her and wish her loads of happiness, I'm not quite sure what to do IC-wise. Given that she's a non-au muse so far I know I have been using what wiggle room that I had as far as ignoring her relationship or playing it down, but it's kindve hard to ignore a marriage. On the other hand, I feel like it would be a bit difficult to play her with such an important part of her life missing, and I really doubt anyone has an interest in playing SangSoon. I'm writing this to ask for any ideas, feedback, or anything like that. I know some people are particular about keeping things completely non-au, and if I do start to take a more au turn with her I don't want to be a bother to anyone. I have no idea what I'm going to do yet, so any advice or suggestions would be welcome. If you don't want to comment here feel free to leave a message in my inbox, or even send me an IM. Thank you!))



[[there was that meisa muse, when she got married, who went au in that aspect first and then ended up splitting, i think?... i'm sorry for not looking up her journals to properly name her right now, not on a good connection. i know it might be just as hard to maintain dual hyori muses with separate realities for the sake of keeping all her friendships and herself happy, as to basically... make up everything on your own about the whole relationship, as you pointed out. which also would be painfully likely to get jossed whenever she talks about their relationship in interviews or anything like that, and since it seems like there's not very much out there about him, it's really hard to do in the first place, and................ ugh man i feel for you. :|

[[well, you know which way we went/are going, but that was also fueled by my lack of time/energy for being active in mainstream nonau anymore, and hyori is much more of a social butterfly on an ongoing basis, right? if she's one of those muses who basically needs a community to stay bouncy and noisy and fun, and wilts like a sad little houseplant when homeless for too long, that's of course necessarily a huge factor. but the relationship potential awkwardness and perpetual headache could turn out to be such a drain on you, huh, as well as how the muse herself might not do so well with a relationship where half of it is a ghost in museland. ...i'm just thinking out loud D: i'm sure this is all ground you've been over yourselves, maybe it'll help somehow to hear it out loud from someone else too though. so difficult.

[[...maybe post a poll to see how many of her friends' muns are okay/absolutelynotokay with what?? and maybe if you took a hiatus for a while to give you more time to decide and figure things out, see if more information starts coming out about her man, their relationship, w/e, then at least the difficulty level of each option would possibly get clearer and you'd probably end up feeling better about whatever you do. you know that you guys will continue to have all our support and love no matter what. ...even if it's been mostly absentee and passed-on-via-proxy support and love for some time now. ;; <3