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bad girls


(So, here I am with another OOC post. Sorry.

I've finally opted to take a slightly more AU line with Hyori, after thinking it over a bit. I want to be clear that I do not have a problem with the real getting married at all, and I wish her all the best. However as some/all of you may know this didn't fit in with how things were going for her as a muse at all, and it's been quite difficult as of late to make things flow. The only explanation I could piece together that didn't involve just ignoring a large part of her life as a muse made SangSoon look like a bit of an ass, and I'm sure the real is a very sweet, wonderful man. I know my Hyori has discussed the wedding with some people, so that will have to be dealt with, but going forward I'm going to veer at least slightly AU by having her not marry. I still plan to follow her career and other possible life events as they may occur, but I just can't make this work and have everyone be happy.

If you prefer to keep things strictly and completely non-au, I suppose now would be the time to say goodbye. No hard feelings if you defriend. If you happen to follow her on twitter as well and want to unfollow, please give me a heads up though. From what little I understand about the inner workings of twitter, if you unfollow me but I don't unfollow you I can still see what you tweet? Not that I mind but I don't want to wind up having her tweet at someone if you don't want her to have contact with them. Like I said I understand that this may cause problems, so there will be no hard feelings.

To everyone though, whether you're staying on or heading off, I appreciate the friendships and memories everyone has given her! :) )